Acacia wood patio furniture is a popular choice among homeowners who love spending time outdoors. Its natural durability, lightweight nature, and resistance to cracking and splitting have made it a favored material for exterior building projects. However, like all outdoor furniture, acacia wood can still be affected by the elements, especially prolonged exposure to harsh UV rays from the sun and environmental factors like moisture, dust, and pollution. Before you make a purchase decision, it’s essential to understand how well acacia wood holds up outside and whether it fades when exposed to the sun.

Understanding Acacia Wood’s Natural Color

Acacia wood possesses a captivating range of colors, from light golden to deep brown hues, each contributing to its unique charm. The wood’s color is determined by factors such as the tree’s age, growing conditions, and the part of the tree the wood comes from. Acacia wood’s distinct grain patterns and shades make it an exquisite choice for furniture, flooring, and decorative pieces.

Acacia wood is one of the most commonly used species for outdoor patio furniture. Thanks to its thick protective coating, its natural resistance to insects and fungi allows it to thrive in various environments.

Additionally, the high strength-to-weight ratio, dimensional stability, and natural oil resistance of acacia make it a durable hardwood option for outdoor use. With proper care and occasional sealant application to protect against the elements and water exposure, your acacia wood patio furniture can last for many years. Its ability to resist mildew, rot, warping, and shrinking further adds to its appeal.

Does Acacia Wood Fade in the Sun?

Acacia wood’s natural beauty, with its light oak to honey color, is exquisite. However, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause it to darken slightly due to its inherent darkening ability. While some trees may remain more faithful to their original color, acacia wood may experience some darkening with sun exposure. As with any wooden furniture, it’s essential to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible to prevent fading.

You can apply a durable polyurethane finish or stain to protect your acacia wood furniture from discoloration and wear caused by water or rain exposure. The choice of finish or stain depends on your desired intensity and the type of elements your furniture will face. Oil-based products produce more intense colors, while latex paints offer a less concentrated look.

The Durability of Acacia Wood

The acacia tree is found worldwide, and acacia wood serves various purposes due to its resilience against changing weather conditions. It can withstand up to 20 times more bending load than other woods, and its natural water-resistant properties help resist warping and shrinking when exposed to the elements. The great advantage of acacia wood is that it doesn’t require regular sealing, unlike many other types of wood, contributing to its long-lasting appeal.

To maintain the beauty of acacia wood, occasional light sanding to remove excess wax is typically all that’s required. Keeping your furniture covered when not in use and minimizing sun exposure can further prevent fading. Applying oil or finish before winter sets in and using clear coatings for a shiny finish are additional protective measures.

Acacia Wood as a Sustainable Option

Acacia wood is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for homeowners creating an outdoor living space. Its natural beauty and ability to withstand heat, rain, and snow make it a favored option. Regular sealing and staining can help preserve the wood and prevent fading, warping, or splitting over time. If considering alternatives to acacia, ensure that they are UV-resistant, stain-resistant, and made from environmentally friendly materials to avoid harmful chemical emissions when exposed to sunlight.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use varnish to protect acacia wood from fading?

Applying a varnish or wood sealer with UV inhibitors can help protect acacia wood from fading due to sunlight exposure.

Does acacia wood require special care for outdoor furniture?

Yes, outdoor acacia wood furniture needs regular maintenance, including cleaning, sealing, and protecting it from direct sunlight to minimize fading.

Can I restore the original color of faded acacia wood?

It’s challenging to revert the wood to its original color once fading occurs. Embracing the natural patina and protecting it from further fading is the best approach.

Will the fading be uniform on all parts of the acacia wood furniture?

Not necessarily. Fading may be more noticeable in areas directly exposed to sunlight, while shaded parts may retain their original color.

Can I use oil to protect acacia wood from fading?

Yes, using wood oil periodically can nourish the wood and provide some protection against fading.


Opting for natural acacia wood for your outdoor furniture is an excellent decision that will impart a warm and inviting atmosphere to your outdoor space. The beauty of acacia’s grains remains unparalleled among natural woods, and its durability makes it a reliable choice for outdoor use. With minimal maintenance requirements, acacia wood furniture can withstand time and weather without losing charm. So, go ahead and embrace the elegance of acacia wood for your outdoor oasis, and enjoy years of comfort and style in your patio or deck setting.

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