Forests are the fundamental constituents of numerous objects, and thus, eons ago, we commenced our education of these forests and the plethora of products they engender. Our esteemed company is engrossed in the handling of a variety of forest types. Our large and diligent team ardently collects data, conducts experimentation, undertakes analysis, and proficiently disseminates this valuable information about forests worldwide. Presented below are some pivotal attributes of our company that distinguish us from the rest and elucidate our unparalleled services in the realm of forests.

Our Vision

As we venture through the woods, we are entranced by the resplendent beauty of nature. Our mission is to unearth the diverse applications and utilities of timber and exalt them through an array of techniques. If ever you find yourself in need of information regarding the noble forests, rest assured that you will never be left to your own devices. With over a decade of experience and rigorous experimentation, we have amassed a comprehensive compendium of knowledge pertaining to the various forms and functions of wood. Our fervent desire is to continue exploring the boundless advantages and services of wood, to foster the growth of our network in a positive direction.

Our Laboratories

The art of woodcraft is no easy feat. In light of the myriad timber varieties available, we have established numerous laboratories in disparate corners of the globe to investigate their unique properties. Boasting a network of 25+ laboratories worldwide, our teams are tirelessly engaged in uncovering the distinctive attributes and characteristics of wood indigenous to different regions, as dictated by their respective habitats and environments. Our diligent researchers work around the clock to plumb the depths of wood’s mysteries, with diverse teams dedicated to exploring different types of timber.

Our Partners

Given wood’s ubiquitous presence in nearly every facet of life, we work alongside a diverse array of partners whose experience and expertise complement our own experimentation, culminating in a comprehensive understanding of timber from multiple perspectives.

Our esteemed partners include building companies, furniture manufacturers, laboratories, equipment producers, universities, and various research centers that specialize in the study of both natural and engineered wood, as well as the production of a myriad of wood-based products.

Why Wood?

Wood has played a pivotal role in the advancement of civilization throughout history. Human beings have harnessed its versatility for an array of purposes, such as fuel, construction, furnishings, paper, tools, weapons, and more. Despite its extensive utilization, the demand for timber continues to mount each year, leading to disputes between neighboring nations over shared resources.

In the realm of construction, wood offers an eco-friendly alternative, given its longevity as a raw material. As a natural resource, wood exerts a positive impact on the environment’s climate, making it a highly encouraged material. As forests grow, they convert CO2 and water into oxygen, fostering their own thriving ecosystem. Properly maintained, wood can also serve as a safe, long-term storage solution for CO2 as a building material.

Our future

As we look ahead, we find ourselves in a highly promising position, with numerous plans in the pipeline to facilitate diverse research and development endeavors. Our extensive network instills us with unwavering confidence in our ability to disseminate information about timber in myriad ways. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, researcher, government official, or any other individual seeking knowledge regarding the uses, benefits, drawbacks, and applications of wood, we are poised to serve you. Our website features a range of informative sections catering to a variety of interests, with dealers and analysts on hand to provide you with accurate, reliable information.